Hand-carved Wooden Bulldog

‍‍Donated by the Class of 1949 at their 50 year anniversary.

The Class of '49, at the celebration of their 50th anniversary, donated a hand-carved wooden bulldog named "Mason" inspired by a real dog-friend of the their class.
  • Located in the Federico Gym foyer. Bulldog Mason comes out of his "cage" annually to attend and preside over graduation ceremonies.
    2007 Graduation.
  • The Chain says Mason.
  • "The hand-carved dog was named "Mason" after Charlie 'Bulldog' Mason, who was principal during our high school years," explained Nancy Lenihan Milligan, Class of '49. Mrs. Milligan was on the committee that named him and the person who placed his name tag around the Bulldog's neck.



"Mason" was an actual bulldog. One of the members of our class was followed to school each day by a bulldog. According to the 1949 yearbook (page 32), his name was "Driver" Smith. The class is pleased that their gift, Mason, attends graduation. The gift's namesake (the dog, "Driver) was such a friendly old thing, and very sociable. The Class of 1949 feels that the real bulldog "Driver" would like that he's involved in such social events. Nancy Lenihan Milligan, Class of '49 (in an email dated 6/18/2007)

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